1st prize in competition for Nursery and Primary School in Wroclaw
1st prize in competition for Nursery and Primary School in Wroclaw
Our work won first prize in the competition for Team Nursery and Primary School in Wroclaw! Below the opinion of the jury:
The work stands out against the other by subtle, very balanced approach to the task of designing the band school and kindergarten. The core of the solution is an internal courtyard, designed on two interpenetrating levels of accurately separating the various components of the functional program. Along it were organized individual, mutually-connected blocks much, definitely even more attractive spatial and functional project.
The work is characterized by the outside correctness of solutions, well-organized movement of users (subject only to what the teachers' room location) and the most interesting internal spaces. Interestingly played functionally showing a lot of potential space and well drawn. Working through formal solutions adopted subdued and very restrained means of expression fits very well into the existing grove on the outskirts of urban context while ordering it.
The whole gives great hope to create in this part of the estate foundation with unique architecture, but above all, constituting a new quality in the construction of public space.
More information can be found in the section: [School in Wroclaw]