Investor: Capital City of Warsaw
Location: Warsaw
Date: 2015
Living area: 300 m2

Authors: Adam Derlatka, Agnieszka Gozdek, Joanna Migut, Paweł Migut, Ewa Trocha

The philosophy of the project was to blend into the surrounding landscape through subtle contact with nature and spatial relationships - creating the composition and presentation of the existing cemetery Monument.
In the concept Pavilion was hidden in the escarpment to the south side of the lake, so that was invisible from street level Wolska. Created space is divided into two upper and lower levels of the combined wide staircase. Concentration of sight passer of the two levels takes place at the monument on the other side of the lake. On the upper level are designed glass skylight with an external elevator.
Essential for the presented concept is the penetration of Pavilion - a combination of the spatial part of the exhibition along with the Memorial Wall of Remembrance. The pavilion is located on the axis of the Monument to the Fallen undefeated through a large opening facing the monument - discreetly cropped and shows symbolic place to commemorate the fallen. Memorial Wall surrounding the Memorial Chamber dynamically pulls up the slope, closes the space of the square in front of the pavilion. It is also a symbolic element of spatial accent direction pointing towards Monument to the Fallen.
On the upper level, next to the stone accrual, Memorial Square is designed with wide stairs leading to the lower level of the pavilion and cemetery. On the stairs designed wooden seats allow for meetings in the open air. The stairs opens to a view of the lake area and the Monument to the Fallen undefeated.
The contrast made between the sunshine lake and the square in front of the monument, and the interior of the museum makes us plunge into the mystique of the place.