Investor: Gmina Krzeszowice
Location: Krzeszowice
Date: 2010
Living area: 2055 m2

Authors: Paweł Migut


The planned building is located north of downtown Krzeszowice with access municipal road and reaching an additional string of green along the creek.

The main goal of the design was to create a functional, friendly and convenient to use the closely meets the design intent and requirements of the investor, while ensuring attractive and modern designed building.

Kindergarten has been designed for the nine branches of the 3 branches for 3 age groups. In addition, it consist the nursery for the smallest children. The building is oriented to the south which provides direct contact with green gardens and playgrounds and large glazing provide a constant light into the rooms. This arrangement also ensures the safety of children who are unable to get themselves to the entrance area and supplies.

The kindergarten solid consist in a statement of two most important for this type of building components: the right preschool for teaching children's play space and ensuring the proper functioning kindergarten. The whole has the form of "fan" uptight communication. The individual segments are within range of age groups, with halls are toilets for children. One segment is extended quite significantly and it is in all functional facilities kindergarten. Such a system spatially separated features for learning and fun kids, technical and administrative rooms.