Interior design
Investor: Private
Location: Cracow
Date: 2014

Authors: Agnieszka Gozdek i Paweł Migut


Residential interiors bear the traits of character of our clients. In order to do a good project you must first understand the future member of the household along with their needs and desires. Thus, each project in addition to its functionality and adaptation to local conditions is quite personalized. Presenting the client's apartment in Krakow show effect, which is the result of numerous findings as well as the resultant character traits, customer preferences and the analysis of functional and aesthetic. The existing premises was characterized by the south east exhibition, and thanks to the large glazing made it became very sunny. In order to keep this important value our aim was to create a bright and spacious interior. For this purpose, we used a lot of white, which systematically przełamywaliśmy small details. To keep warm character of this space the floor most of the rooms proposed in a wooden board with a contemporary industrial shade.