Investor: Music School No. 1 in Warsaw
Location: Warsaw
Date: 2015
Living area: 7000m2

Authors: Agnieszka Gozdek, Joanna Migut, Paweł Migut Adam Derlatka, in cooperation with stud. Arch. Karolina Sikora


The main idea was to create a building combining public functions concert, being the center of the cultural life and quiet area of music education in relation to the existing historical building. The proposed building has been connected with historical building, compositionally is hidden from the street Rakowiecka. Glazed connector does not interfere with the historic nature of the building, exposing his elevation to the foyer, it is the main space - heart - spatially and functionally cohesive existing and projected building. Serves as a recreational area for students and a representative foyer to the needs of concerts. The newly designed building functionally divided into a music education with rooms for group activities and individual located on the two top floors, part of a major public concert hall and two smaller chamber and an organ hall located on the ground floor and level -1 and sport zone with hall gym located on the ground floor. Inspiration for the design of the facade is an attempt to translate the sound spectrum into architecture. Openwork facade made from twisted by 90 ° panel type Corten steel from every viewing angle provides an interesting visual effect which the interpretation of musical notation, which color and rough texture refers to the brick facade of the historical building.