Architecture and Interior design
Investor: Gmina Twardogóra
Location: Twardogóra
Date: June 2016
Living area: 2000m2

Authors: Agnieszka Gozdek, Joanna Migut, Paweł Migut, Adam Derlatka


The main idea behind the concept was to combine the planned volume of the existing sports hall as part of a coherent multi-sports complex. Pool area designed with reference to the solid sports hall, while retaining the existing line of buildings and characteristic levels on the façade and inside the building. Rectangular solid was separated from the sports hall a small patio that provides bilateral illumination of spaces and attractive insights and spatial qualities. From the marketplace designed object determines the frontages of the market place. The view vantage basin pool area is to encourage customers marketplaces physical activity and visit the pool. The combination of the newly designed parts of the public sports hall has been solved by a corridor changing shoes. Part facilities szatniowego designed trough between the pool and patio. Technical part, located on the side of the pitch in podbaseniu.

The hotel part is designed in large part as a superstructure of the ground floor part of the sports hall of the rooms for aerobics. Access to the rooms is provided with a floor of the sports hall and the lobby of the main part of the pool. In addition, it provided a small recreation room for guests overlooking the pool area hall.

The building fully accessible for the disabled. Due to the lack of an elevator in the existing part of the hall to the hotel part is designed extra lift capable to handle the entire sports complex. Plunge pool area is a zone of fire protection ZL III, part of the hotel ZL V. The separation of the object indoor arena at the beginning of the superstructure. Fire service of the existing road and from the market square.

It is assumed support for the planned pool through the existing entrance to the site of a sports educational. From the street. Wroclaw designed presentable entrance plaza, representing an attractive public space (can also be a reserve land for public investment). Designed orthogonal system of tracks with different surfaces of sięgaczami with seating and outdoor recreation-type fitness submerged in greenery. The main entrance to the pool was highlighted roof, which was located under the parking for bicycles. In the space of the square designed a string of green portion extending compositional axis patio, sięgaczy system were complemented by low trees. Designed extension and arrangement in a representative pedestrian and trolley routes fire running along the north - west facade of the sports hall and the connection to the public at the market town (behavior parametró1) fire road). Located directly on the additional 6 parking places for swimming, places for the bus is expected within the parking lot of the school and the hall. Due to the small size of the plot access to the pitch and multifunctional technical rooms located at the back provided with a road serving marketplace. Designed to rearrange the parts markets by establishing system stands to the proposed sports complex and the possible combination of operating rooms in one cubic markets.