Investor: Gmina Mielec
Location: Mielec
Date: June 2016
Living area: 27000

Authors: Agnieszka Gozdek, Joanna Migut, Paweł Migut, Adam Derlatka


Sports complex designed as a dominant closing the existing urban axis, which represents an important element of this part of town. The central, slightly raised, the exposed part of the sports hall provides a framework for the existing stadium and provides insight into the pitch. On both sides are situated public spaces accessible from the street Kusocińskiego and Solski.

            The idea was to create a multifunctional facility, which is a showcase of the city and the heart for sports and cultural events. Solid object with its functional layout has been designed to fully enter into the context of the city of Mielec. The building has been integrated with the environment.

            Functionally, the whole is divided into three blocks. The central and the highest part is the main multi-purpose sports hall. From the street Kusocińskiego designed part of the training court and the administrative part. From the street Solskiego swimming pool part of the entrance to the square in front of the building, combined with swimming pools open and internally hall sports hall.

            The main access to the team designed with Street Kusocińskiego and Solski. Inputs are both from the side of the stadium and above. streets. From the street. Kusocińskiego are representative stairs for easy access to the upper part of the audience of the main hall directly from the outside of the building and to the observation deck located on the second floor. This arrangement allows a very easy organization of traffic viewers (fans) both before the event and after. During eventami outside stairs can be used as a recreational or outdoor amphitheater in conjunction with the temporary stage that can be set from the street. Kusocińskiego. Public square from the street. Solskiego is to constitute an attractive entrance area integrating persons benefiting from both the hall and the swimming pool. It is assumed redesign of the road between the new building and the stadium to the attractive pedestrian and - chassis (performing the requirements of fire roads).

            The existing entrance from the street Kusocińskiego used for access to storage and the road along the fire team training hall. Alongside the road provides internal parking for cars and three places for coaches.

            Under the building hall designed underground parking for 270 cars. Due to the small off-road capability that restrict placement of parking for the operation of the object is planned to use the existing parking spaces along the street Kusocińskiego and Solski.