Architecture and Interior design
Investor: Gmina Świecie
Location: Świecie
Date: 2012
Living area: 1 700 m2

Authors: Adam Derlatka, Agnieszka Gozdek, Joanna Migut, Paweł Migut, Tadeusz Derlatka


The building is located in the southwestern part of the plot, it accentuates the entrance area from the street, opening simultaneously in opposite direction on the green recreational area. Large glass on the east side allow the sun to penetrate freely inside the buiding without worrying about overheating and blinding its users. In the center of the whole complex is a common space connecting the two floors with a wide staircase, which in addition to typical communication functions are the place for a quiet browse the library.

For safety reasons children on the ground floor children's space was provided with extensive leisure facilities in the form of a curiously formed multifunctional furniture. The interior of the library is fairly fluid spatial layout of giving at any time the possibility of rearranging adjusting place at a specific target. With this multi-functionality of the library in addition to its primary function it gives you the chance to organize any kind of meeting, events.

The use of brick facades allows the use of local raw materials for the construction thus improving the economy of the place. In turn wood in vertical fins forming a barrier to solar becomes an integral part of the surrounding nature. It all makes the library is friendly and attractive to each user.