Investor: Municipality of Radom
Location: Radom
Date: 2014
Living area: 2 ha

Authors: Adam Derlatka, Tadeusz Derlatka, Joanna Migut, Witold Senkiel

The main idea of the project is to create an attractive, multi-functional and friendly space downtown, forming the center of the modern city, with reference to its rich history.
The main element of integrating multidirectional urban interior space is the axis of culture, beginning at the square in front of the theater, passing through an interactive museum of history of the town square at the monument of St. Casimir (at the junction with the Royal Mile), ending in a small square in front of the proposed philharmonic.
The interior of the Jagiellonian Square has been clearly defined in the form of a rectangle measuring 60 x 80 meters, north closed a lump raised on amphitheatric stairs exposition pavilions, from the west - a green belt and ideological Gates of the City.
Beneath the surface of the square is designed single-level underground parking for approx. 200 cars. The entrance to the parking lot was located with an existing junction of ul. Pilecki. Cages exits and exit showroom located in the pavilion and in the construction of "Gates of the City".