Investor: Municipality of Rzeszow
Location: Rzeszow
Date: 2014
Living area: 21 ha

Authors: Adam Derlatka, Joanna Migut, Paweł Migut, Witold Senkiel


The project is intended to create a "Green Ring" entwined city center from the west, which is high-quality public space serving communication, interaction and recreation. Railway areas offer huge potential of urban space that, like in other European cities can and should be used properly.

The proposed urban concept is the revitalization of the area as a green space and recreation. The idea is to reuse the potential space through a small architectural treatments - space for enhancing the vitality of space.

Created paths, squares will serve to improve the quality of urban space, the regulation of pedestrian - and bicycle emphasizing the essential features and valuable. Placed within walking area modern pavilions will function as service - recreation. The ground floor will be located the services of small creators and craftspeople to promote Podkarpacka creativity and local market. There will be also a small rooms used to organize activities for children and youth, as well as exhibitions and cultural events.