Interior design
Investor: Firma Wedel
Date: 2013
Living area: 100 m2

Authors: Agnieszka Gozdek, Ewa Staszków Tondera


The main aim of the project was the desire to create a warm and friendly place where everyone with joy to come back. Because that WEDEL Chocolate Lounge characterized by openness to the diversity of its guests, the interior has been designed to meet the needs of most potential consumers.

Taking in turn the same spirit of diversity among visitors becomes necessary to adapt the space for various functions. In this way, we obtained the interior allow both for a quick visit short and longer meet friendly for single guests and families with children.

Exposure of chocolate products and pralines located right at the entrance, as well as transparent glazing table allow quick shopping on a busy take out customers coming in just a moment. In contrast, long meetings of a business, social or family life makes it easier to create such zones to maximize this space a more enjoyable stay in the pump room. They serve the tables designed for up to two people as well as large family tables. The whole place is decorated in warm colors with lots of light wood with a strong accent as a dark ceiling forming the backdrop for a mosaic lamps like the stars in the sky. In addition, thanks to the use of raw materials and simplicity in a project fits the contemporary trend of creating a kind of industrial loft climate.