Investor: Europan
Location: Warszawa
Date: 2011
Living area: 175 ha

Authors: Joanna Migut, Paweł Migut

"Man has a prejudice  against himself; anything Which is a product of His Mind Seems to him to be unreal or comparatively Insignificant. We are satisfied only in fancy Ourselves When surrounded by objects and laws independent of our nature. "George Santayana, 'Collage City' Colin Rowe
Our goal is to exploit the potential of which is the Prague South, (the area of ​​sandstone and Grochow), while not undermining its flaws and shortcomings.
Dialog our existing space, context, local people, this is the key problems of our project.

That is why IDEA is a collage in response to the complexity of the city, its social structure, spatial, cultural, and historical.
Warsaw is a complex city, rich and yet tragic story.
It is also the "city of two banks," which for years instead of closer, more and more be moved away from each other. The differences concern not only of space, character development or function, but also the local community. Right edge is another Warsaw, but whether that worse? Latest actions signal the revival and greater interest in this part of town. Investment on the scale of the city such as the National Stadium or Simfonia Varsovia are a great opportunity for this part of Warsaw. At the same time there is a risk to large investments, the inflow of investors, not lost the identity of the place, its specific character and not have given rise to gentrification.